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Available Sizes and Current Prices

45 x 37        2200
58 x 48        3700
78 x 58      18,000
price includes framing

As editions cross milestones, prices increase. As edition sizes close, no further printing of that size will be available nor will new sizes be introduced

Bridge to my childhood

My Grandparents lived in this valley when I was a very young child. One of my earliest memories is crossing this bridge, not a word being spoken, the only sound, the creaking of the boards as my Mother drove across the bridge ever so slowly. Her fear so palpable, it hung in the air like the July heat coming in through the open windows. My brother, sister and I held on to the doors and peered through the glassless opening, ready to spring out as the car crashed through and into the water, that we knew was hundreds of feet deep. We would be lost forever if we stayed, sinking to uncertain depths, bottomless. Funny the imagination of a child, wondrous too.
I set out to find this bridge some seventeen years ago. I hadn't been there since those very early years and so much had changed. The sleepy valley was now full of large second homes to Floridians escaping the summer heat for the coolness of the mountains. Very little was familiar as we searched, only by sheer chance did my brother notice the bridge hidden in the trees, long ago taken out of service by a new one several miles up the main road. We walked across it, in that same July heat and back in time. We laughed at the once terrifying memory, now so peaceful and comforting to us, the water a little more than knee deep. 
For the longest time, I kept this image to myself and my family. I gave one to my Grandmother. She was in her nineties. The years had almost taken her sight, as she held it in her wrinkled hands, studying it, my mother asked, "Momma, do you know what that is?"
"Of course," she replied and turned to me, "did you pick those mushrooms?"
"No ma'am."
"Oh, you should have, when they are white like that, you can eat them. They are great sautéed in butter and garlic. We gathered them along the river, polk salad too." 
She is gone now and so is the bridge, all that is left lives in my memory. I have always loved this image, taken before I ever dreamed I would sell my work. I have decided to share it. Hopefully it takes you back to your childhood.

How the art is finished


All pieces are limited editions and are only available framed. All materials are acid free, glazed, and sealed, under museum glass. The frames are made in Italy of olive wood. 

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