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Available Sizes and Current Prices

45 x 37        3450
59 x 48        6200
78 x 58      18,000
price includes framing

As editions cross milestones, prices increase. As edition sizes close, no further printing of that size will be available nor will new sizes be introduced

eight foot tide

This is one of my favorites. I love the abstract quality of the twisted limbs, the contrast of the positive negative space created in the composition. 

I found this tree out exploring on a heavily overcast morning, the threat of rain hanging heavily in the air. Amazed on finding it, I dropped my pack on the bank, waded into the water to test the firmness of the bottom and find the right spot for the composition. It ended up being chest deep. This would not be easy. Photographing with a large wooden camera is a challenging and slow process, especially in the water. 

The entire time, fish were nibbling at my legs, shrimp and crabs messing with my toes. I had shorts and open toed shoes on. It was maddening! My light meter told me I needed a thirty second exposure. I would have to stand stock still to preserve the mirror reflection. I tripped the shutter, the feeding frenzy was on. It was maddening and I only needed two exposures. It wasn't too much to ask. Once I was printing it, it was so worth it.

How the art is finished


All pieces are limited editions and are only available framed. All materials are acid free, glazed, and sealed, under museum glass. The frames are made in Italy of olive wood. 

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