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Available Sizes and Current Prices

45 x 37        2450
58 x 48        4400
78 x 58      18,000
price includes framing

As editions cross milestones, prices increase. As edition sizes close, no further printing of that size will be available nor will new sizes be introduced

Summer Morning on a creek

I do this crazy thing. I come up with an idea for a photograph and then try to get out and find it. This was just the case. I wanted to use a tree to frame a view onto the marsh. 
As the name implies, it was the middle of July, when the mornings are hot and humid. I took this shot on a private island. I had stayed with friends the night before and arose early to walk over to the tree. Not always a smart thing to do, as there are rattlesnakes and copperheads on this island and I didn't have my snake boots on. 
I had already scouted the location, so I knew where to position the camera. The sun came up, and along with it the heat. I was waiting for the highest tide, gauging it by the two small reeds that are visible in the water under the broken limb. The tide carried them into the scene, just under the limb and they started going back in the other direction. The tide had just turned. I tripped the shutter. 
HGTV bought the largest version of Summer Morning On A Creek for their Green Home Giveaway. 


How the art is finished


All pieces are limited editions and are only available framed. All materials are acid free, glazed, and sealed, under museum glass. The frames are made in Italy of olive wood. 

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