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45 x 37        2200
58 x 48        3700
78 x 58      18,000
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As editions cross milestones, prices increase. As edition sizes close, no further printing of that size will be available nor will new sizes be introduced


This shot was taken on one of the many small hammocks that run along the lowcountry and become plentiful by the Broad River and explode in number along the Georgia coast to the Florida border. The massive limbs of Live Oaks, stately covered in spanish moss, reach out to touch the tide. This island is home to fox squirrels and deer. I once saw a fox squirrel exploring this shoreline, his large body all black except his gray ears. He went about his business, one of the lucky ones not share his island with man, in an unhurried and frantic pace of his more unlucky cousins who live among us and doge our vehicles often unsuccessfully. Although I didn’t see her, I am sure I would have heard the deer leaving through the woods had it not been for the sound of the motor. I shifted into neutral killed the engine, raised it out of the water, and let the boat slide over the grass and onto the shoreline. The tide had just turned and the hoof prints were pristine in the sand. You can just see them in the sand at the bottom of the picture. 

The tide drops fast once it starts and can leave you high and dry if you don’t pay attention. I couldn’t help but let the image of a fawn I had seen the summer before on the shore as I passed by an adjacent island form so vividly in my mind. It was incredibly small and nimble, covered in white spots and had to have been quite young. It stood in the parting of grass right on the marsh's edge staring out at us as we slowly passed through the flooded grass scouting for trees. It was transfixed, but soon decided that we were not to be trusted and disappeared in an instant. I was happy in the knowledge that she would grow up on an isolated island. 

The water had already receded from around my feet. I pushed the boat out into the water just enough to give me the time I needed. I lifted the tripod and camera onto my shoulder and followed the deer’s tracks up to the tree.

How the art is finished


All pieces are limited editions and are only available framed. All materials are acid free, glazed, and sealed, under museum glass. The frames are made in Italy of olive wood. 

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