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Available Sizes and Current Prices
37 x 45        2200
48 x 59        4400
58 x 75      18,000
price includes framing


This little bateau was built and used to subsistence fish by a man named Moses. He is a native islander. Moses dresses in all white robes with a red sash and keffiyeh head scarf. I often saw him on his bike, a five gallon white bucket hanging from the handle bar. Moses must have a waist about 24 inches and looks as old as Methuselah. It was quite a sight to see him poling out into the creek to crab or shrimp. 

For several years I looked out at the little boat, either afloat on the high tide or laying in the mud, on a low tide, like it was lost to the elements, sometimes the rising tide would submerge it and I thought it gone only for it to appear days later. I always thought it would make an interesting shot, but I was looking for just the right atmosphere to create what I had in mind. 

My dentist is a wonderful, and talented, woman that owns quite a collection of my work. Medium pieces are in each operatory, waiting room, conference room and office, not to mention the four or five pieces she has in her home. It is kind of a running joke at each tooth cleaning when the next sixth month appointment is made. "How about Tuesday, Febuary the 2nd at 8:00 am?" they ask. "Sure," I chuckle in response. I am usually gone and we have to reschedule. But this time I was on the island and on the way to the dentist as I glanced over at the bateau riding on a rising tide. The fog so thick you could cut it with a knife. "Wow!" I jumped out of the car and called the dentist. They laughed when I told them I was not coming. "We were taking bets whether you would be here in this fog." "Tell Bonnie she will love it," I quickly replied. 

Once I had my camera, I slipped in the cold water doubting I would be able to make this work. But the spartina grass had a firm hold on the little boat and I got the shot. I love the peaceful nature of this composition, the large expanse of open foggy sky, the detail, contrast and reflection of the little boat. It makes me think, "where has this boat taken you, or where can it?" The answer is different for us all.

Oh yeah, Dr. Bonnie has this one too.

The Finished Piece

All pieces are limited editions and come framed using only acid free materials, museum glass and olive wood frames made in Italy. As edition cross milestones, prices increase. As edition sizes close, no further printing of that size will be available, nor will new sizes be introduced.

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