Ben's art is available only framed. Prints are made on acid free cotton rag paper. Additionally, everything inside the frame is acid free. They are glazed with museum glass and sealed. The frames are olive wood imported from Italy. The pieces are meant to be generational. They are created to the highest standard. 

All dimensions listed below are outside frame dimensions.

  • The smallest size is 45 inches wide by 37 inches (may vary for panoramic pieces), an edition of 250
  • The middle sizes run from 59 to 68 inches wide (depending on format) by 48 inches (may vary for panoramic pieces), an edition of 125
  • The large pieces run from 75 up to 107 inches wide, height is generally 58 inches, an edition of 20

We ship world wide. The smaller pieces are boxed and shipped via FedEx. The middle size is crated and shipped common carrier. The large pieces are moved "white glove." Ben personally installs the larges, no matter the location, usually followed by a great bottle of wine to celebrate!