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Available Sizes and Current Prices
37 x 45        2200
48 x 59        3700
58 x 75      18,000
price includes framing


I have fly fished here during the summer, so I thought I knew this river well. As you can see, it was snowing heavily. I had already taken a couple of shots, this being one of them. I decided to make a slight position change. I was on a large snow bank, well away from the edge. You don't want to fall in the water when it is -4 degrees.
Anyone who has snowshoed knows how awkward they are to move in any direction but forward.  
I did my usual composing, focusing and light reading. I carefully shuffled around to the front to set the aperture, shutter speed and close the shutter to turn the big bellowed contraption into a light tight box. I slipped off my glove, felt the sting of the cold metal as I touched the lens.
At that very instant, the snow underneath me collapsed and I found myself in a slow-motion fall, rotating onto my back with the camera and tripod suspended above me, held tight in both hands, one gloved and one not, my arms fully extended. For what seemed like minutes, but only a second or two, I hung in the air. Then it happened. I hit the water on my back. Its cold embrace enveloped me as it rushed over my back and down my legs. This is not good, I thought. The deadly hug was interrupted as the camera barreled into my chest, all twenty seven pounds. It knocked me back to the reality of the moment. I was in serious trouble. 
Now, the difficulty of walking around in snowshoes is nothing compared to having them on in the water. I had to get out of this river, now! I quickly scrambled against the slow moving current and over to the edge and took a step, hoping for solid purchase on the bank. It was in vain. The snowshoe dug through the snow with the ease that was missing in my attempt. Another couple of tries were as fruitless. The clarity that danger brings was on a high level. I had to get out of this water now! 
I looked down river to see a better spot. It was on the trail and shinning brightly in the form of a young couple that was racing over to help me. I handed up the camera. He laid down on the bank. She held his ankles. He extended both arms, we locked wrists, and I was able to scramble out of the water. I thanked them as quickly started to gather my gear. You can die in wet clothes in this weather and I was soaked. I looked up a moment later and they were gone.
Back at the condo, the camera sat on the table drying out, the lens elements out of its shutter doing the same. It would work perfectly the next day. I warmed my bare feet by the fire and the rest of me with a good cabernet. I was very lucky. My thoughts turned to my saviors, I really wish I knew who they were. 

The Finished Piece

All pieces are limited editions and come framed using only acid free materials, museum glass and olive wood frames made in Italy. As edition cross milestones, prices increase. As edition sizes close, no further printing of that size will be available, nor will new sizes be introduced.

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